SJTC Japanese & training center

  • SJTC is established with passion to Japanese language Since 2019.
  • Teaching is done in the easiest and most effective way by using the printed books containing the curriculum established by the Japanese Examination Institute.
  • Classes are further divided by Japanese language proficiency (N5 or lower, N5 equivalent, N4 equivalent, N3 equivalent).
  • Classes are taken by local teachers with Japanese language proficiency level N1, Japanese teachers, and online Japanese instructors.
  • Teaching technics includes conversation, written tests, group work activities and tight training schedules to enable memorization.
  • In addition, practice greetings and self-introductions are used as daily conversations to form a habit in students.
  • Japanese language ability is particularly required for care workers and specific skilled workers. We provide Tokutei Training based on the availability and choice of our students.
  • All of our staff are working hard to provide Japanese language education with the aim of passing the N3 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
  • We conduct regular extracurricular-activities and often send students to Japanese restaurants to familiarize themselves with Japanese food and eating habits.
  • Therefore, our students who are going to Japan, in addition to the Japanese language, will know and understand the traditional customs, dos, and don’ts of Japan in one place. So, they will be able to reach their goals without difficulty when they arrive in Japan.

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