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Recruitment of office staff

Our organization welcomes young and energetic individuals who can provide teaching services in below;

  • Japanese Language studies¬†
  • Tokutei and Trainees
  • And also the individuals with good Japanese and team working attributes to participate in our activities.

Recruitment of skill workers

Haru Mahar is a recruitment agency handles a wide range of jobs for foreign companies and Japanese companies with a global outlook. Once we deeply understand your needs, our consultants will begin to introduce you to the jobs that best suit your future career. We will assist in researching the available jobs that you preferred or specialized function or industry.We will introduce you to companies, together with your background and experience, to highlight why you are the best person for the position.

Our team will engage you a training scheme that will suit your needs in Japanese language and skill training. Our training partner, SJTC, will arrange all your required trainings for your chosen job title.

We provide advice on general interviews and selection procedures of the foreign and Japanese companies we work with. Our team will help you prepare for the interview as much as possible to ensure that your interviews go as smoothly as possible. Our consultants’ work continues until you are fixed on a job offer. Haru Mahar will be responsible for all steps of arrangements to join the company in Japan or other foreign countries.

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